Domiciliary or Home Care

Sandwell / Birmingham / Worcester / Walsall

If you are looking to remain at home but need some support to maximise your independence, JLKare can often be the perfect solution to getting a little help whilst retaining a good level of personal freedom. We offer domiciliary care, also known as home care, throughout the West Midlands, including in the town of Smethwick, where we are based, and Birmingham, located close to our headquarters.

Daily Care

  • Personal care and assisting with dressing and personal appearance.
  • Help and support daily activities, mobility and exercise.
  • Medication prompting and monitoring.
  • Meal preparation and cooking nutritious meals.
  • Driving to medical appointments.

Quality Support

We strongly believe emotional support is equally as important as physical support. We go above and beyond making time for companionship if you feel that is what you need. As Directors of the company, we are committed to having a hands-on approach maintaining standards and assuring quality with those that use our services.

Flexible Person Centred Support Designed Around You

We understand that every individual has different requirements. That’s why it is very important for you to feel you have choice and control in all aspects of your daily life. That’s why we consider what you want to get from our assistance, then work with you to provide exactly the right support.
We also know that small things make a huge difference to your quality of life.
Whether it’s how you like your drinks made or the way you want your laundry done, we listen to you, so everything is just right.

No matter how many hours of care you want, short term or long term, we match our service to your requirements. If your needs change, our care adapts.

How We Can Help?

JLKare will ensure you have choice and control over your life. We are a value based company and people being treated with dignity and respect is our motivator to deliver high quality care and support. JLKare can assist with your personal care, such as getting up or going to bed, having a bath, dressing, shaving or taking your medication.

We can also help with many other things, including shopping, cooking, cleaning, going with you to your medical appointments or on social outings, or just being your companion.
We also offer a sleepover service, if you need us there at night.