JLKare & Support Limited | West Midlands

JLKare’s consultancy service was quite an eye opener. Lee and Jane have helped me a lot. The support i received was excellent and Birmingham commisoner’s were very impressed with my presentation. You are so amazing how you put across information.

I look forward to using your consultancy services again and i will be referring other providers.

Aileen Ndingindwayo

Registered Manager, Diamond Star Care Services

As a new Care Provider I have to say that the course I recently attended was very interesting and informative. The trainers were extremely supportive, interactive and engaging, answering all my questions.

Jen Shiel

Operations Director, Creative Care Support Solutions

On behalf of DTCare Services limited, I am writing this letter to you to express my gratitude towards you for helping DTCare in training and advising the company with a view to achieving and improving on our service delivery.
The enthusiasm and your ability to motivate the company has resulted in a significant improvement in the company’s quality of service delivery and general management.

Our company appreciates your efforts and the assistance you offer to us, you have earned the good testimonial from myself and every employee of DTCare Services that have been privileged to meet you. We will not hesitate to recommend your services to any other organisation that may need a positive change.

Yemisi Lawal

Registered Manager, DT Care Services

This serves as an expression of our gratitude to you Lee Fearon for your passion in sharing your wealth of experience in healthcare with us at Dolphin Healthcare. It is interesting to note that in most instances you spared your precious time out of your crowded business schedule to give us some bits on tips on hitherto difficult areas of practice. We are indeed grateful.

Joseph Akpara

CEO, Dolphin Healthcare Services

How can we thank you enough? With a mother who has early-stage dementia and a stubborn streak that denied she needed help in her own home, and very little help from Sandwell Social Services; we also felt we were going towards early stage dementia.
From the very first contact with JLKare the worries started to lessen. They have been understanding of all our concerns and gently, but caringly helped all of us. My mother has accepted their patient careful help and is now settling down to a more happy existence.
So a great big thank you to Lee, Jane. Lisa and Angela.

Jan & Bob Archer


I would like to thank you very much for your unwavering support and advice on my interview for Registered Manager with CQC. It went very well (50 Minutes). The lady was very impressed and most of your input made me fair well in the interview. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are brilliant guys and keep up the spirit you have in helping others.

Kenneth Chatindiara

Registered Manager, Staffing Plus Ltd

The carers from JLKare are excellent with my aunt. My sister and I first arranged for carers from a different organisation to give her (limited) care by giving her her medication and trying to help in other ways such as with food and helping her to keep things clean. My aunt has dementia and things became very difficult as she was hospitalised and then spent a short time in a residential home. My aunt never got on with the previous carers and there were various crises. Changing to J L Kare improved things tremendously. My aunt and I both warmed to Jane and Lee (my aunt commented on the heart logo) who came over as very caring, nice, friendly and ordinary, decent people. I liked the fact that carers are dementia trained and take time to get to know and build trust with my aunt. Her main carer, Kellie, is excellent. While I think there is still a long way to go with my aunt – her life could be improved with more help but she is resistant – I am confident that my aunt is in good hands with JLKare. An important factor for me was the Good rating in the latest CQC report (with Care rated as ‘Outstanding’). I would not hesitate to recommend them. Thank you!

Yewa Holiday


Dear all at JLKare

Thanks for all your support, dedication, commitment, compassion, persistence and love.

You really are leading the way in providing care as it should be, let’s hope that others follow where you lead.

Your help and support for us, as well as James over the last few days, has been far more than we expected.

Please pass on grateful thanks to all involved.

With all our thanks

James, Tina and Mal

Malcolm, Tina, & James


JLK has made a real difference to my uncle’s life and the life of his wife. They provide support in a person-centred way and meet all of his needs. Staff are kind and friendly and managers have a good repour with him. They visit him quite regularly. The staff have time to spend with him and things are never rushed. JLK provide an outstanding service and have respect for my uncle at all times. JLK has also provided me with peace of mind as the care and support they provide is of a high standard and meets his needs. It is hard to find a good service provider but its even harder to find a service provider as good as JLK.



It was really great getting help at short notice, which has boosted my confidence before I went for my interview with the council. It has played a great role getting me onto the framework. In some of the areas where I was not sure, I have gained a stronger understanding for example Mental Capacity.

Overall Jane and Lee are always available and easily approachable.

Mandeep Kaur

Registered Manager, Clements Health care

It was a pleasure to use the training room at JLKare for our first aid training. A very clean and professional work space with plenty of room and suitable facilities.

Great for small and large courses. Plenty of parking.

Andy Tite

Trainer, STS Medics

JLKare are made up of professionals who take their time and abilities to listen to people/company issues or problematic areas. They give sound and practical advice that go a long way in sustaining businesses. Highly recommended Consultants in the Health Care sector.

Keep up your friendly (smiling) business approach’.

Kenneth Chatindiara

Registered Manager, Staffing Plus Ltd

Thank you for hosting us. Your staff have made me feel very welcome.The bathroom facilities are lovely and we especially love the layout of the disabled bathrooms. Thank you

Leone Shaw


My Father has needed support with personal care and everyday tasks for over 12 months. The road to where we are now has been very rocky. The care providers have been sadly lacking in most areas of his needs. They made him feel like he was a burden. He would refuse to have a wash because he felt it was putting an them too much?! All i ever read in his care log was refused! Then i found JLKare, what a difference. The whole team have been amazing. They spent time getting to know my Dad, They worked tirelessly to build his trust, they took time for him. Their job was made harder because of the way the past carers had been with him. He looks forward to them coming, he knows who’s coming and what their names are. Before i was doing everything, now when i ask him if he wants me to get him out of bed he replies ” No, So and So will be here soon they know what to do”. Its been such a relief for me i can actually have a day off and know he is safe and cared for. If there are any concerns the team let me know straight away, they monitor his health and well being constantly. I highly recommend JLKare to anyone that requires support. They provide an excellent first class service.

Ruth Conover


It’s saying something about the heart of a business that is setting up helps an established business to restructure and improve and build their services. JLKare has done that for us. Agape Health Care Ltd would like to thank Lee, Jane and their dedicated team.

Your support has been immense, and you have shown that we can support each other. We are great-full and appreciative of the time and effort you have given us, but most importantly your belief in our success. We continue to model your business and wish you all the success in the future.

Charity Ogwudire

Registered Manager, Agape Healthcare Ltd

I would just like to put into context JLKare’s excellent support program for the day to day caring for my mother.

We have tried many previous care providers over several years but none of them even come close to match the services that JLKare provide.
JLKare excels in all areas of care support and goes that extra mile to ensure that my mother always has a smile on her face day in, day out.

We cannot thank you enough for what you do and we definitely would highly recommend JLKare to anyone who is looking for top class service.

Again thanking you Jane and your dedicated team.



The care my aunt receives from JLK is of a very high standard. They have met the needs of my aunt totally and have gone above and beyond to give her the support that she requires. All staff and managers work in a person-centred way at all times and respect my aunt’s wishes. This organisation is one of the best that I have ever come across and should be recognised by offering an outstanding service. I would most definitely recommend JLK to others adults that require the support of care needs. JLK have made a difference to my aunt’s life and she seems very settled and happy with the service they provide to her.